31 October 2006

Oldest unupdate website

What a day! Planning to go to the gym really early, I arrived at Wembley Square just after sunrise. The coffee from Vida e Caffé tempted me skip the gym and to have a skinny latté (double shot) and a hazelnut croissant (from Knead next door). Et voila... no exercise today.

After work (a whole blog on its own) I met a guy from Spain. He was cute. And a nurse. I met a cute nurse from Spain. Kewl. He has been touring for a year and stayed in Brazil for six months. Lucky Brazil.

My plan was to walk down Kloof Street in search of a good brew but ended up visiting Hermien and Matthew. Hermien and I wrote the biostatistics II exam yesterday (Masters in Public Health at UCT) and I explained the concept of confounding to her partner, Matthew, who is an architect. As an example, I used the associations of gender and travel to estimate the likelihood of visiting a prostitute. Now, this we did not cover in class.

Matthew claims to have the oldest "unupdated" website in the world. He wouldn't give me the URL...

30 October 2006

Table Mountain

I took this photo from my apartment on my cell phone on 23 July 2006 - about five months after the devastating fire.