11 August 2008

The one with my other office

Wembley Square has free wireless internet. Just be persistent.

09 August 2008

The one with two favorite spots

What does the Wolfson Pavillion and Origin have in common?

07 August 2008

The one where I'm back

The reasons why I stopped blogging (for a while):

1. My cellphone was stolen. Without its handy camera I felt like James Bond without the licence to kill, Batman without Bruce Wayne, Calvin without Hobbs, or Frankenfurter without Rocky! My blogs would become sandwiches without substance - I just couldn't bear the bare text.

2. Abraham seriously considered a job in South Korea. We planned to give up The Apartment, put everything in storage until the Ballet School became available and, after my 10 weeks in Uppsala, I would complete my PhD from George with only occasional visits to Kloof Street.

A new Sony Ericsson K850i 5 megapixel cybershot phone arrived yesterday and Abraham is happily employed as research analyst (http://www.newenergyfinance.com/). Uppsala is 7 days away and life is trendy again, Kloof Street trendy.