07 January 2008

The one about a quick visit to George

I pictured Christmas in George would basically involve huge meals and naps between beach visits. Well, we ate and we slept but the rain prevent us from enjoying the beach even after it stop raining. The amount of drift wood and gunk in the sea was not compatible with swimming. The surf at Victoria Bay basically looked like a 'brown cow', or coke float (remember when you were younger and enjoyed mixing milk or ice cream with your soda?!). We stayed with Azélle and Josua on Kings Wood Golf Estate and visited Denise in Wilderness. Braamie pulled a face reminiscent of Grendel during Azélle's birthday dinner. Sies!

The one about the Book Lounge

Braamie almost had to make an emergency U-turn on Buitenkant Street when I spotted the Book Lounge, a new independent bookstore with a comfortable reading room cum coffee shop in the basement. Check it out!