30 November 2009

The one with almost last post...

Today is the last day that we occupy the apartment on Kloof Street. I asked Braamie to take a last photo. Four years were way too short. I could do with a lifetime on Kloof Street. Although I felt protected from the woes of the world in my little patch of paradise, I have witnesses the ripples of the current economic downturn on Kloof Street. If you ever go to Cape Town, be sure to visit some of the places that I have written about, gaze up in wonder at Table Mountain as you drive/walk up the street and experience the energy that is uniquely Cape Town. I cried while I was writing this... not of sorrow, but just because I am letting go.

05 November 2009

The one with the second last post

So, with five days left on Kloof Street, I managed to create a Facebook group (yeah, you can guess the group's name) and will transfer the blog contents over the weekend.