15 November 2008

The one about Shelley's Gourmet Kitchen and the great scrambled eggs

Shelley's Gourmet Kitchen opened on Kloof Street in October. The Bramer and I bravely investigated. We ordered scrambled eggs with smoked salmon served on a croissant (R40) and a cuppuccino each (R14). We decided to sit in the small back garden and read the weekend newspapers. Hearing cheerful noises in the kitchen is always a good sign.

The scrambled eggs were devine and breakfast scored a solid 7 on the Braamie-o-meter. A good start to any day!

The one about a cheap breakfast at Café Sophia

For R25 you cannot expect too much these days. At Café Sophia this bought a Village Omelet (filled with roasted peppers, spicy sausage and melted cheese) served with toast and coffee. The service was quick and the setting comfortable. The manager told us the other Cafés are located in Seapoint, Rosebank, and Greenside (Gauteng). A fifth store is opening in Green Point soon. 

PS: no free internet was available - apparently, they are still waiting for the vouchers...

08 November 2008

The one about my first lazy morning on Kloof Street

At SEK480 for a haircut, Sweden must have the best paid hairdressers in the world. For this reason, I now look like Hägar The Horrible. The perfect summer weather urged me to walk down to the Gardens Centre for a hair cut. I have decided to grow my hair and to wear it "Stockholm" style which basically means lots of hair product to slick down your hair when combed back. Let's see if it lasts...

What caught my I as I walked down Kloof Street?
1. Free internet at Café Sophia.
2. Studio 91 looks set to open soon. Check out the little lights built into the pavement.
3. Finger (walked past their opening ceremony last night).
4. The Orangerie is progressing well. What is 'The CPOA"? Any ideas?
5. The Smurf collection at the German toy store in the Gardens Centre...