25 November 2007

The one with disturbing news

Is it true that the Rheede Street Centre will be demolished to make way for another development?!

The one about eating cheaply on Kloof Street

If you are, like me, a student on a limited and already overstretched budget, or you just don't want to pay R56 for breakfast, there are a few options. For early risers who can get to Arnolds before 07:00 (!) breakfast will cost R8 - still the best deal on Kloof Street. Deli55 is now advertising an 'All day' brekkie for R15 and Naked is offering student discount of which I was oblivious until Saturday. Let me know if you discover any other deals for under R15.

The one where things sure change on Kloof Street

Feels like ages since my last post. Things sure have changed here on Kloof Street. The tourist season opened and summer abruptly disappeared for a few days.
The 'Chef Pon's' building (corner of Kloof and Upper Union Streets) is being renovated - another restaurant? Unfortunately our new neighbour's lean-to was destroyed. I spotted them shooting some heroine in Pon's back yard next to their destroyed abode. At least they are not totally devastated.
The tree next to Chef Pon's is missing. It was probably severely damaged by the South Easter or appropriated for fire wood during the sudden cold spell. (Hey! It has happened before.)
Even before the storm, the 'family' coffee shop next to Checkers closed down. It now sells eye apparel. The storm also assisted Jimmy (aka Killer Prawns) to take down their amoeba-like tent. Perhaps their business will pick up now. Which brings me to a question I have been wrestling with for a while: am I blogging or gossiping?

06 November 2007

The one about reopenings on Kloof Street

Joyous news! Ocean Basket ('Your sole provide') reopened their doors on Friday. Exclusive books also reopened in the Kloof Lifestyles Centre yesterday. Both were sorely missed.

The 'scamming' season must have reopened recently. I was acosted by no less then five 'performers' walking home from Lifestyles tonight. The winner received R10! I felt so betrayed falling for yet another sob story. Anyway, at least I care...

03 November 2007

The one where the chickens crossed Brownlow Road

According to Deon, Andrée's father, the chickens crossed the road to end up on his Webber. I am not exactly sure where or how the chickens did this, but there are options; but most likely, the chickens were carried all the way from Woolworths in a plastic bag.
Andrée will turn one next month and has developed a personality all of her own. Although Abraham and I are not her official godparents (and why not, one may ask?), we have some definite plans for Miss van Zyl. My contribution will be to buffer her from her father's scathing remarks about Mozart symphonies (almost bordering on blasphemy) and Abraham would like to teach her some of his special dance moves (which basically includes a lot of finger flicking). Good luck, Andrée!

The one where all is well at the Wellness Warehouse

My post about the Wellness Warehouse in September solicited a lot of comments. I m happy to report that I had a great morning at the WW. The buzzer buzzed on time, the sandwich was great (crispy ciabatta filled with fresh greens, roasted butternut, feta and sautéed beef), the latté hot and, best of all, NO irritating music.
Also, their recycling boxes are now outside the store which makes it so much easier to access.