19 December 2007

The one about an early morning on Kloof Street

Today was one of those perfect summer's days when you wake up feeling on top of the world. After an early bird breakfast at Arnold's (before 07:00), we had a swim at Kamps Bay with TK before heading for the office. What an eerie feeling to be the first to arrive at work?!

The one about the cats in Montagu

Montagu is a two-hour leisurely drive away from Cape Town. After spring cleaning, we made a lot of food (Deon and Susan), picked plums (Abraham), installed shelves (Deon and Abraham), bought groceries at the OK Bazaars (!) and slept. I also re-read Garth Nix' novel, "Abhorsen". According to the town's official website, Montagu is known for its 'spiring rock formations, orchards, vineyards, local herbs and healing hot mineral springs'. However, they forget to mention the feline security guards. Go visit, you'll see.

09 December 2007

The one about lunch with Andrée

Andrée and I did lunch at Rafiki's (since 2000AD) on Kloof Nek last Saturday: cold draft beer, pizza, fush & chips and the sweet smell of...

The one about not much

Summer is/was here! We've been spending more time on the beach, especially after work - it stays light until after 20:00 now. Abraham is challenging his body's thermeostasis by swimming at Clifton without a wet suit. He can now resist the freezing water for almost 45 minutes. There is no denying his German/Danish ancestry.

The village is vibing up to the holiday. I am planning a post on the art galleries on Kloof Street (soon). The Park Street Gallery (99A Kloof Street) is one of our favorites. Studio 91, a new gallery next to the Mount Nelson Hotel's entrance on Kloof Street, will probably open soon.

04 December 2007

The one with more cheap food on Kloof Street

The affordable breakfast options on Kloof Street are increasing and hopefully this is not just a seasonal trend. I discovered that Limos is now offering breakfast for R16-50. They are open in the evenings now. I wonder if they still sell that dark chocolate baklava which effectively ruined my 2006 pre-Christmas diet.

And now for a totally unrelated story:

It is sad, but true, that I have an overtly curious nature. My uncertainty about Ocean Basket's 2nd story has been resolved. We can relax now: it is a bar with a lounge opening on 7 December. Now I am unsure if it will be a bar lounge or a lounge bar?

25 November 2007

The one with disturbing news

Is it true that the Rheede Street Centre will be demolished to make way for another development?!

The one about eating cheaply on Kloof Street

If you are, like me, a student on a limited and already overstretched budget, or you just don't want to pay R56 for breakfast, there are a few options. For early risers who can get to Arnolds before 07:00 (!) breakfast will cost R8 - still the best deal on Kloof Street. Deli55 is now advertising an 'All day' brekkie for R15 and Naked is offering student discount of which I was oblivious until Saturday. Let me know if you discover any other deals for under R15.

The one where things sure change on Kloof Street

Feels like ages since my last post. Things sure have changed here on Kloof Street. The tourist season opened and summer abruptly disappeared for a few days.
The 'Chef Pon's' building (corner of Kloof and Upper Union Streets) is being renovated - another restaurant? Unfortunately our new neighbour's lean-to was destroyed. I spotted them shooting some heroine in Pon's back yard next to their destroyed abode. At least they are not totally devastated.
The tree next to Chef Pon's is missing. It was probably severely damaged by the South Easter or appropriated for fire wood during the sudden cold spell. (Hey! It has happened before.)
Even before the storm, the 'family' coffee shop next to Checkers closed down. It now sells eye apparel. The storm also assisted Jimmy (aka Killer Prawns) to take down their amoeba-like tent. Perhaps their business will pick up now. Which brings me to a question I have been wrestling with for a while: am I blogging or gossiping?

06 November 2007

The one about reopenings on Kloof Street

Joyous news! Ocean Basket ('Your sole provide') reopened their doors on Friday. Exclusive books also reopened in the Kloof Lifestyles Centre yesterday. Both were sorely missed.

The 'scamming' season must have reopened recently. I was acosted by no less then five 'performers' walking home from Lifestyles tonight. The winner received R10! I felt so betrayed falling for yet another sob story. Anyway, at least I care...

03 November 2007

The one where the chickens crossed Brownlow Road

According to Deon, Andrée's father, the chickens crossed the road to end up on his Webber. I am not exactly sure where or how the chickens did this, but there are options; but most likely, the chickens were carried all the way from Woolworths in a plastic bag.
Andrée will turn one next month and has developed a personality all of her own. Although Abraham and I are not her official godparents (and why not, one may ask?), we have some definite plans for Miss van Zyl. My contribution will be to buffer her from her father's scathing remarks about Mozart symphonies (almost bordering on blasphemy) and Abraham would like to teach her some of his special dance moves (which basically includes a lot of finger flicking). Good luck, Andrée!

The one where all is well at the Wellness Warehouse

My post about the Wellness Warehouse in September solicited a lot of comments. I m happy to report that I had a great morning at the WW. The buzzer buzzed on time, the sandwich was great (crispy ciabatta filled with fresh greens, roasted butternut, feta and sautéed beef), the latté hot and, best of all, NO irritating music.
Also, their recycling boxes are now outside the store which makes it so much easier to access.

27 October 2007

The one with Hannah's wedding

Long-time best friend Hannah got married last weekend at the Plantation in Port Elizabeth. In true Hannah-style, everything was so tastefully done; including a chocolate wedding cake covered with white chocolate and roses. I sat next to Almarie (from Meel fame) at the 'fun' table. We rocked!

The one about Caramello's

The brothers Ioannides have opened a new coffee shop on Kloof Street. During my last visit to Bloemfontein, André Conradie introduced me to Caramello's - a place where "friends with different cultures from all walks of life could meet and celebrate life with food as the dough that binds them together". And it turned out to be very expensive dough. We selected three cookies (really non-fancy types) from the bakery to enjoy with our coffee. I never imagined that each would cost R17! They were billed as 'gateaux'... perhaps a little exageration? Except for the price of the cookies, the service was excellent and the coffee not too bad. The staff are attentive and friendly. As you can see it scored better than the Wellness Warehouse on the Braamiometer. Caramello's is well worth a visit in Bloemfontein and on Kloof Street.

The one about our new neighbours

I spotted our new neighbours last week. Not much flair for decorating, but they do know how to pick a good spot. Can you spot them?

06 October 2007

The one with Mfundo's Good Taste

The May 2007 edition of Good Taste Magazine featured an article about the Hout Bay Music Project, titled "Township Notes", and included a photo of Mfundo playing the bass. Last month, after only two months of preparation, he passed his Grade III double bass exam and is progressing rapidly.

29 September 2007

The one with a list of Kloof Street Restaurants (2)

More restaurants. This time, those between Eaton Road and Camp Street.
1. Mixas (Pizza, Falafel and Burger). Beer is R5 between 17:00 and 18:00 :-)
2. Jimmy's Killer Prawns (Not sure. Well, hmm, perhaps seafood...)
3. Tokyo Sushi (Japanese). Eat-as-much-sushi-as-you-can for R90 on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
4. Cafe Gainsbourg (Fine dining).
5. Asoka Son of Dharma (Contemporary). Great jazz on Tuesdays.
6. Da Vinci's (Pizza/Pasta). Try the 'Van der Merwe' (biltong, feta and peppadews).
7. Saigon (Vietnamese). A Kloof Street classic.
8.Yindee's (Authentic Thai Cuisine). THE Kloof Street restaurant.

The one about Origin Coffee Roasting

Need to perk up? Then search for the origin. You'll find it at Origin Coffee Roasting, situated in De Waterkant. You will not be disappointed. Promise.

24 September 2007

The one with Mfundo's Fairy Dance

Braamie captured Mfundo playing the 'Fairy Dance' al fresco. He played the The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Double Bass Grade III practical examination the next day.

The one about (S)andy Bay

Braamie's favorite surf spots are Llandudno and Sandy Bay. After photo cataloging the Kloof Street restaurant, we continued our heritage celebrations by visiting Sandy Bay. Armed with cultural fervour and fig leaves, we completed the hike in no time. Braamie actually body surfed in the freezing water while I, uhm, looked around. Heritage Day is grand.

The one with a list of Kloof Street restaurants (1)

Braamie and I celebrate Heritage Day by walking down Kloof Street. This is a list of the restaurants on Kloof Street below Eaton Road.
1. Delpasco (Café)
2. Tong Lok (Chinese)
3. Rozenhof (Cuisine)
4. Vida e cafe (Café)
5. Seatlle Coffee (Café)
6. Naked (Wraps)
7. Deli55 (Café/Deli)
8. Kauai (Health food)
9. Wellness Cafe (Health food)
10. Limnos Bakery (Café/Bakery)
11. St Elmos (Pizzeria)
12. Ocean Basket (Seafood)
13. Arnolds (Meat - game)
14. Mount Nelson Hotel (Cuisine)