29 September 2007

The one with a list of Kloof Street Restaurants (2)

More restaurants. This time, those between Eaton Road and Camp Street.
1. Mixas (Pizza, Falafel and Burger). Beer is R5 between 17:00 and 18:00 :-)
2. Jimmy's Killer Prawns (Not sure. Well, hmm, perhaps seafood...)
3. Tokyo Sushi (Japanese). Eat-as-much-sushi-as-you-can for R90 on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
4. Cafe Gainsbourg (Fine dining).
5. Asoka Son of Dharma (Contemporary). Great jazz on Tuesdays.
6. Da Vinci's (Pizza/Pasta). Try the 'Van der Merwe' (biltong, feta and peppadews).
7. Saigon (Vietnamese). A Kloof Street classic.
8.Yindee's (Authentic Thai Cuisine). THE Kloof Street restaurant.

The one about Origin Coffee Roasting

Need to perk up? Then search for the origin. You'll find it at Origin Coffee Roasting, situated in De Waterkant. You will not be disappointed. Promise.

24 September 2007

The one with Mfundo's Fairy Dance

Braamie captured Mfundo playing the 'Fairy Dance' al fresco. He played the The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Double Bass Grade III practical examination the next day.

The one about (S)andy Bay

Braamie's favorite surf spots are Llandudno and Sandy Bay. After photo cataloging the Kloof Street restaurant, we continued our heritage celebrations by visiting Sandy Bay. Armed with cultural fervour and fig leaves, we completed the hike in no time. Braamie actually body surfed in the freezing water while I, uhm, looked around. Heritage Day is grand.

The one with a list of Kloof Street restaurants (1)

Braamie and I celebrate Heritage Day by walking down Kloof Street. This is a list of the restaurants on Kloof Street below Eaton Road.
1. Delpasco (Café)
2. Tong Lok (Chinese)
3. Rozenhof (Cuisine)
4. Vida e cafe (Café)
5. Seatlle Coffee (Café)
6. Naked (Wraps)
7. Deli55 (Café/Deli)
8. Kauai (Health food)
9. Wellness Cafe (Health food)
10. Limnos Bakery (Café/Bakery)
11. St Elmos (Pizzeria)
12. Ocean Basket (Seafood)
13. Arnolds (Meat - game)
14. Mount Nelson Hotel (Cuisine)

18 September 2007

The one with photos of Cape Town at night

Abraham took these two photographs on Sunday night.

09 September 2007

The one where all is not well at the warehouse

The Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Lifestyles open this week. Luckily you don't have spend a lot of time wading through the wellness gadets/spas/organic produce to reach the Wellness Café. A selection of freshly made sandwiches and various health drinks (including caffeine) are on offer. In an attempt to embrace wellness, I opted for the ostrich bobotie and red onion marmalade on ciabata and Braamie tried the roasted butternut and goats cheese sandwich. Sounds good? Don't be fooled: the service was appauling. Two days in a row. After paying for your food, your are given the Wellness Buzzer that is supposed to flash when your drinks are ready. This means you eat your food and then wait, wait and wait some more for the magical flash to indicated that your lattes are ready. My advice: rather just stand at the counter and tap your feet - your drinks will appear in a flash. As you can see, the Wellness Café did not score high on the Braamiometer.

03 September 2007

The one without Die 'skiet winkel'

After reading Deon Maas' article in the Volksblad about Die Skietwinkel in Bloemfontein, Jannie suggested I investigate. In all honesty, I didn't really make it that far: visiting Kloppers (the legendary store in Bloemfontein) to ogle SONY Bravia LCDs and Miele S5210 vacuum cleaner, we could also stock up on guns and ammo. Ratatatatatatata.

The one where the baby doesn't cry (almost)

Blogging is great. Really. But when you meet up with 'long-time-no-see' friends can reply to every tale with 'oh yes, its on your blog', my life feels like just another "the one about...' episode. Séla.
Annamarié en André recently produced Kara, the most delightful little girl, who really enjoys it when I whistle tunes from Mozart's horn concertos (nothing you can't hum there). We lunched at Meel in Westdene (across the street from The Mystic Boer). The company was excellent, the wine great and the food good (except for the kiwi cheese cake - André's verdict: too much butter, not baked long enough). Meel might just be Bloemfontein's answer to Melissas.

The one where Florence Nightningale

The Old Main Building of Groote Schuur Hospital is getting a face lift. Not everybody approves. If you look carefully, you can see that Florence Nightingale is now covering her had in shame.