12 April 2008

The one about new restaurants on Kloof Street

Having closed down almost a year ago, the first floor space in the Kloof Street Junction is reopening as the Royal Kitchen Asian Restaurant. I almost choked on my morning coffee (origin: freshly ground) when I spotted them hammering wooden/bamboo slats to the balcony railing. Watching the developments were not unlike an emotional roller coaster ride: from fearing the worst (a store importing Indonesian knockoff furniture?) to seer exaltation (a book store?).
Café Sophia is open a opening another meze and tapas bar next to Arnolds on Kloof Street. I used some of their discarded bricks to fumigate our apartment [removed long detail about Fumitabs, fogging and multipoison resistant critters].

The one about the smart car

Maybe not so smart?
[about legal: if the owner complains, then I will remove the registration number]