19 December 2007

The one about an early morning on Kloof Street

Today was one of those perfect summer's days when you wake up feeling on top of the world. After an early bird breakfast at Arnold's (before 07:00), we had a swim at Kamps Bay with TK before heading for the office. What an eerie feeling to be the first to arrive at work?!

The one about the cats in Montagu

Montagu is a two-hour leisurely drive away from Cape Town. After spring cleaning, we made a lot of food (Deon and Susan), picked plums (Abraham), installed shelves (Deon and Abraham), bought groceries at the OK Bazaars (!) and slept. I also re-read Garth Nix' novel, "Abhorsen". According to the town's official website, Montagu is known for its 'spiring rock formations, orchards, vineyards, local herbs and healing hot mineral springs'. However, they forget to mention the feline security guards. Go visit, you'll see.

09 December 2007

The one about lunch with Andrée

Andrée and I did lunch at Rafiki's (since 2000AD) on Kloof Nek last Saturday: cold draft beer, pizza, fush & chips and the sweet smell of...

The one about not much

Summer is/was here! We've been spending more time on the beach, especially after work - it stays light until after 20:00 now. Abraham is challenging his body's thermeostasis by swimming at Clifton without a wet suit. He can now resist the freezing water for almost 45 minutes. There is no denying his German/Danish ancestry.

The village is vibing up to the holiday. I am planning a post on the art galleries on Kloof Street (soon). The Park Street Gallery (99A Kloof Street) is one of our favorites. Studio 91, a new gallery next to the Mount Nelson Hotel's entrance on Kloof Street, will probably open soon.

04 December 2007

The one with more cheap food on Kloof Street

The affordable breakfast options on Kloof Street are increasing and hopefully this is not just a seasonal trend. I discovered that Limos is now offering breakfast for R16-50. They are open in the evenings now. I wonder if they still sell that dark chocolate baklava which effectively ruined my 2006 pre-Christmas diet.

And now for a totally unrelated story:

It is sad, but true, that I have an overtly curious nature. My uncertainty about Ocean Basket's 2nd story has been resolved. We can relax now: it is a bar with a lounge opening on 7 December. Now I am unsure if it will be a bar lounge or a lounge bar?