09 January 2010

Not quite Kloof Street (Part I)

I love Uppsala. There I said it!

In the mornings I have an inspirational walk past the majestic cathedral, University buildings, castle and botanical gardens to work (all covered in sparkling snow). My one complaint: I cannot seem to adapt to the coffee... Is it me? Probably. Is it possible for me to adapt? Unlikely.

My approach to the problem was two-fold:
1. Find good prepared coffee (i.e. I do not make it myself)
2. Find good beans (i.e. I prepare the coffee myself)

How fortunate that I am at the moment living one block from Ofvandahls, an Uppsala institution. The espresso had adequate crema and with a surprisingly acceptable aftertaste. And at SEK23 for a double espresso, this could be come my new morning coffee :-)

Beans, well, I asked/pleaded with Braamie to bring some from Origin Coffee Roasting in Cape Town (perhaps even Africa's Cup of Gold!). The attendant at the local Böner & Blad recommended I try El Salvador Bourbon Estate. My first pot resulted in mixed feelings - but to be honest I prepared it too weak...

More coffee hunting will follow...