29 January 2007

The one about Evita for president

Tamara (social organiser extraordinaire), Kerstin, Hennie and I supported Evita Bezuidenhout in her bid for the presidency of South Africa at Spier Winestate. This ersatz grand damme of the nation claims that it was her bid for the presidency that convinced Hillary Rodham Clinton to join the US presidential race. You go, girlfriends.

Prior to the political action we lounged about at Moyo and consumed GT's like the ex-colonialists we all still are at heart. Kerstin is unfortunately returning to Deutschland, and although I have not known her long (we've met twice), I will miss her. She learnt to speak Afrikaans and Xhosa during her 5 year stay in Cape Town, which is more than most Cape Townians can claim.

The one about the dying palm tree

These photos show the Palm Court in front of the Old Main Building at Groote Schuur Hospital. In the bottom picture you will notice that one of the ancient (?) palm trees is dying. It happend quite suddenly. Every morning I walk past this tree on my way to the office. It makes me sad when I realise it is time to say goodbye. Goodbye, old friend...

24 January 2007

The one about McNaught's comet

Update: These photos were taken by Mario Todeschini. Adeleida traced him and asked permission to post these. Thanks, Adi.

19 January 2007

The one about Blooms Pharmacy on Kloof Street

Blooms Pharmacy is located next to Checkers on Kloof Street. Like Checkers, it is ridiculously expensive - but it is convenient so I should actually not complain. Last week, as I was bankrupting myself to buy drugs to sooth my sore throat, a man walked in with a sunflower. He was so proud and his postive energy was probably more healing than any of the drugs for sale.

The one about Groote Schuur Hospital's front door

My office (actually a cupboard) is located in the Old Main Building of Groote Schuur Hospital. It is in the same section of the building where the world's first heart transplant was performed. Normally the front doors are wide open, but last friday the one door was closed and for the very first time I noticed the amazing detail on the door. It does remind me a little bit of Queen Victoria... Nurse Victoria?

The one about the lap of luxury

SEACAT (South East Africa Combined Antimalarial Treatment) Evaluation is starting a new in vivo efficacy and safety study in Limpopo and Mpumalanga. The start-up meeting was held at Jatinga Lodge from 8 to 10 January. Jatinga is located between Nelspruit and Wit Rivier on 40 hectares of parklike gardens next to the Wit Rivier. I stayed in a "Colonial Luxury Suite" with two fire places and an outside shower. The Jatinga difference is their attention to detail. Even the spare toilet paper was wrapped.

08 January 2007

The one about the R100 "eat as much Sushi as you can" special

Oh, a dear diary moment: Tokio Sushi is once again offering their R100 special. Ronald, Phumla and I celebrated the second week of the new year by digging in.

The one with a photo of Longkloof Studios

This impressive metal structure/sculpture is located in front of the Longkloof Studios (just of Kloof Street - next to Vida!). Janman says its by David Brown.

07 January 2007

The one where Victoria is KING

After almost two weeks of extreme UV exposure at Vic Bay, I am happy to report that I am now definitely a darker shade of white. The spray-on SF30 anti-tanning lotion, kindly sponsored by Abraham, not only prevented sunburn, but now I cannot show off my ‘two weeks at the beach” attitude at work. In typical Georgian style we arrived at the beach so early that we had to swim a few hours before the beach cafĂ© would open for breakfast. Locals go to the beach early to prevent Gautengers from getting good parking. During the first few days we thoroughly enjoyed fat/calorie-rich Vic Bay breakfasts, then switched to pizza/hamburgers, and at the end of the holiday started to eat the Vic Bay Slimmer. This infamous sandwich contained mostly lettuce and green cocktail onions. After brekkie Ab returned for more body surfing and I read an Eddings novel. “The Elder Gods” (how desperate was I?) until our lunch time snooze at home. We then returned in the late afternoon for more swimming/body boarding until the sun drowned in the ocean.