30 November 2009

The one with almost last post...

Today is the last day that we occupy the apartment on Kloof Street. I asked Braamie to take a last photo. Four years were way too short. I could do with a lifetime on Kloof Street. Although I felt protected from the woes of the world in my little patch of paradise, I have witnesses the ripples of the current economic downturn on Kloof Street. If you ever go to Cape Town, be sure to visit some of the places that I have written about, gaze up in wonder at Table Mountain as you drive/walk up the street and experience the energy that is uniquely Cape Town. I cried while I was writing this... not of sorrow, but just because I am letting go.

05 November 2009

The one with the second last post

So, with five days left on Kloof Street, I managed to create a Facebook group (yeah, you can guess the group's name) and will transfer the blog contents over the weekend.

18 July 2009

The one with all the closures

The bad news first:
Naked... gone
Seattle Coffee... gone
Rozenhof... GONE!!
Iron Fist... gone?

Some potential good news:
(Braamie and I had burgers there on Monday - good meat and the double-fried fries were unexpected, but they do sell a 'local' beer. When asked for comments, we did mention that the music was way too loud, but the waitress cleverly remarked that it was to drown out the noise from the table with the birthday party (with children). Score?)

(Closed on a Saturday afternoon at 15:30)

The Opal Lounge... Manolo's renamed?
(Will never forget how scary that place was. I felt so intimidated by its sheer trendiness.)

Some really, really good news:
The Java Lounge is serving Origin Coffee :-)

12 July 2009

The one with the Amazing Amazi pancakes

Received an email from my dad last Sunday:

Hello Janssoon,
Terwyl jy en die groote Bengel /Pieter-Louis sit en skaak speel tik ek gou die A(mazing) A(mazi) resep in. Onthou die Amazi is 'n geheime ingredient,want dis eintlik 'n v d Merwe suurmelk pannekoek resep wat Mimzy by haar Tant Johanna van oom Fanie Crouse gekry het.Hulle oorkant ons in Van Zylstraat in Universitas gebly voordat ons na Whitesweg 27 getrek het.Hulle dahlias was iets om te sien en oom Fanie had baie voeltjies in groot hokke in hulle agterplaas.Nadat hulle 2 maal getrek het het hulle in Aandrus in Haldonweg gaan bly.

2 koppies meelblom
1 teelepel bakpoeier
1/2 teelepel sout
2 eetlepels suiker
2 koppies suurmelk/amazi
1 teelepel koeksoda
2 geklitste eiers
1 teelepel gesmelte botter
Blus die koeksoda in die melk/amazi,meng met eiers en gesmelte botter
Voeg droe bestandele by en meng goed
Bak met olie of botter in klein bakpannetjie of in n groot pan deur die deeg in die rondte te gooi van die middel af tot teen die rand van die pan
Die pannekoeke is redelik dik en neem n tydjie om gaar te word. Bedien met enige bolaag bv konfyt of stroop met gerasperde kaas,of roomys of maaskaas of oxo of geurige maalvleis of hoender of...of...
Kan vooraf berei word en in yskas/vrieskas gehou word tot verorbering.

So, checking gmail on my cell phone, Deon made the batter and the pancakes :-)

Hello Kloof Street

And I am back...

As soon as the rain stops, I will investigate Sumo and that new hamburger restaurant..
Was Jimmy killed by a bad prawn?

21 March 2009

The one where Africa Nova impresses

Abraham's ex-SASOL-colleague and friend, Lolan, has been living with us for a few days. He took us to Andiamo's, in the Cape Quarter, for dinner last night (I ordered the ossobuco and Abe wanted the lobster but had to settle for a pizza). On our way out, I was mesmirezed by the window displays of one of the stores, Africa Nova. The colours are, well, just magic. 

The one where Wall Street hit Kloof Street

Has Wall Street hit Kloof Street? 
The Abraham (that ersatz economic gift to mankind/lover of mine) says that this has always been a tough street for businesses, and especially restaurants. 
The most noticeable changes are the closures of street cafés Naked (for some months now), Seattle Coffee and Limnos.  Caramellos has also scaled down on their floor space. 
Exciting news, however,  is that Exclusive Books are opening a childrens book store next door to their exisiting shop in the Lifestyles Centre on Kloof Street. Which makes sense, given that a primary school is right next door...
As mentioned earlier, the recycling facilities have relocated to Jan van Riebeeck Primêre Skool and are not open on Sundays, which is a nuisance (but it did result in me winning a HUGE argument with The Abraham).

18 March 2009

The one where Cape Town is burning

Deon van Zyl took this photograph just after midnight. A terrible inferno.

22 February 2009

The one about parking on Kloof Street

My pet hate: illegal parking :-(

11 January 2009

The one with a photo taken at sunrise

Tamboerskloof seen beyond our kitchen window and reflected on the window facing Kloof Street. Taken at sun rise by Mimsi.

The one with Table Mountain at night

Braamie took this photograph in December using my mother's small Olympus digital camera. The mountain is being lit up during 'the season' - which makes this time of year even more special. 

10 January 2009

The one with a mojito at the Mount Nelson

The Abraham and I joined his colleague from NEF for a wee drinking at the Mount Nelson after work. The Planet Bar makes the best mojitos in town!

The one where to recycle on Kloof Street

The Abraham and I are now recycling at Laerskool Jan Van Riebeeck. They offer more options compared to the recycling bins at the Wellness Warehouse (including tin cans). Sadly, there are no facilities for recycling cardboard... I would hope that cardboard could be recycled?

The one with a cheap lunch at Sinns

Visiting our second office, TKZ and I enjoyed the lunch special at Sinns Restaurant and Bar in Wembley Square. Well, actually, TKZ had the special and I had a chicken and potato salad. The lunch special (R50) included a glas of wine. The service was terribly slow, though...