14 June 2008

The one about Gauteng

Gauteng is not for sissys. If hectic traffic, smog-induced keroconjunctivitis sicca, or electric-fenced-burglar-barred-Tuscan-styled housing estates turn you on, then this is the place to be.
The warm afternoon sun, the Butcher Shop and Grill at Mandela Square, and finding the perfect cabin luggage almost compensated for the constant feeling of impending doom.
Other highlights included Anel's wedding, the reason for our visit, and a personal tour of the Johannesburg Art Gallery by Abraham's aunt (the JAG librarian) .

The one with the jedi warriors

To celebrate 10 years of diplomatic relations, China sent two terracotta warriors and other ancient artifacts to the National Museum of Natural History in Pretoria. The exhibition also featured videos with sweeping soundtracks to show how happy Chinese babies, infants, children, teenagers, students, adults and elderly are to live in such a beautiful country of lakes, forests, desserts, snowy mountains, rice paddies, ancient cities, modern cities, temples, walls and olympic stadia. For an authenitic experience, the exhibition was protected by guards with semi-automatic rifles.

04 June 2008

The one with a swan in my decaf latté

Another dear diary moment: Barrista extraordinaire, "Beans", at Origin prepared my decaf latté (been off caffeine for two weeks now) with a swan motif.

The one with photos of Table Mountain

The wonderful weekend weather was captured by a friend. Great photos!

01 June 2008

The one with a lazy morning on Kloof Street

Time to relax before the storm...

The one where we go beyond Camp Street

Nobody likes walking uphill but having 'fika' at Melissa's makes the effort worthwhile. It is expensive, but we deserve a treat every now and then...