03 December 2006

The one about the white Christmas party

Marinus's White Christmas Party invitations were hand written and delivered via snail mail. No sms, no quick email: this man has style. The instructions were simple: wear white and bring a handmade Christmas tree decoration. I did manage to wear a white shirt and, in a last minute scramble, was able to find an incense holder and some incense in the kitchen cupboard. These were probably remnants of an earlier cohabitation era.
On arrival we were presented with alcohol soak fruit kebabs and a glass of punch. Our host then showed us the handmade (not by his hands, though) Christmas tree. The whole room was filled with polystyrene snow. Our flammable gift was then well isolated to avoid a potential disaster. We were truely amazed at the number of men who own (and wear) white pants.
Although, I do not enjoy parties, I met some interesting people and, for the first time, had to opportunity to wallow in snow.


Abraham said...

Sounds like a really cool party, suppose I really missed out :-(

Anonymous said...

who's we?
- Leandrè van Brakel