09 July 2007

The one about a warm heart in a cold George

Braamie and I spent a wonderful weekend in George. My parents are still prepping Alex's place in Bloemfontein for sale, so we took the oppurtunity to spend some quality time with the Hattinghs in Heroldsbaai and the Jouberts on Kingswood. The BIG news is that I will become an uncle again. Louis and Suzette are expecting their first Van der Waltjie. It is bound to be a boy - there are just no girls in our family (well, except me and Braamie).
Braamie took most of the photos. The first shows the view when you wake up in Heroldsbaai (my photo). The other photos are of Kingswood (between Fancourt and George golf courses). It was a lazy Sunday morning with a crackling fire and a long breakfast. Josua and I played honeymoon bridge (although it looks more like we're playing SNAP!), Azélle was knitting and Braamie was reading the Sarie (the one about Sonja Herold). Absolutely heaven!

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Anonymous said...

Ag oom, dis nou lekker!
Brownie x