19 December 2007

The one about an early morning on Kloof Street

Today was one of those perfect summer's days when you wake up feeling on top of the world. After an early bird breakfast at Arnold's (before 07:00), we had a swim at Kamps Bay with TK before heading for the office. What an eerie feeling to be the first to arrive at work?!


Anonymous said...

I heard they opening a new bookstore in Kloof street near the lower part going into long street.

Guess will have to wait and see if they do.

Do you shop at the bookstores on Kloof? Any favourites? You still visiting A For Apple on a regular basis? hehe


Jan-Stefan said...

Thanks for the comment, Tony. It is indeed good news if a bookstore will open there. Bargain Books is my favorite bookstore on Kloof Street. They have a huge selection of non-fiction at almost affordable prices. Unfortunately I haven't returned to ‘A is for Apple’ on Kloofnek, but browsed their branch at the Biscuit Factory in Salt River. The Book Lounge, a new independent bookstore on the corner of Buitenkant and Roeland Streets, is highly recommendable. The reading room in the basement is a treat for any reader. Enjoy responsibly...