07 January 2008

The one about the Book Lounge

Braamie almost had to make an emergency U-turn on Buitenkant Street when I spotted the Book Lounge, a new independent bookstore with a comfortable reading room cum coffee shop in the basement. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

going to go visit there soon soon

looks fantastic.

Did not know about a Bargain Books in Kloof Street. I must look out for it. I normally go to Reader's Paradise and Exclusive Books quiet often.


Jan-Stefan said...

Hi Tony! Faux pas on my side: I meant 'Reader's Paradise' when I wrote 'Bargain Books'. There is no Bargain Books on Kloof Street :-(

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of book sales happening on Kloof Street this week

I bought 4 books at the Exclusive Books in the lifestyle centre, they got like tables and tables, plus I got to visit Reader's Paradise and get 8 books for R200.00 all hardcovers of my favourite authors