12 April 2008

The one about new restaurants on Kloof Street

Having closed down almost a year ago, the first floor space in the Kloof Street Junction is reopening as the Royal Kitchen Asian Restaurant. I almost choked on my morning coffee (origin: freshly ground) when I spotted them hammering wooden/bamboo slats to the balcony railing. Watching the developments were not unlike an emotional roller coaster ride: from fearing the worst (a store importing Indonesian knockoff furniture?) to seer exaltation (a book store?).
Café Sophia is open a opening another meze and tapas bar next to Arnolds on Kloof Street. I used some of their discarded bricks to fumigate our apartment [removed long detail about Fumitabs, fogging and multipoison resistant critters].


Nikita said...

Nice photos!! blog more about Cape Town..more photos too please...! ;)

Jan-Stefan said...

More photos? According to my Better Half (aka Braamie) I'm take terrible photos! Finally, someone who likes my photos. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

non of those places are open yet

maybe at the beginning of May?

Yip more photographs more blog on kloof:)

Jan-Stefan said...

Yes, let's hold thumbs that the Royal Kitchen will open this weekend. Braamie visited them last Friday hoping to catch some opening specials . Alas, he was told the restaurant would open only in a weeks time. Time's up!

Anonymous said...

Mmm hope its open and do you know whats opening next to it? Another bookstore on kloof? just imagine

Anonymous said...

how was the new resturant?

we waiting to read your blog about it:)

Anonymous said...

We went, we ate, we left.

It is not pleasant to predict that someone's business will fail, but I regret to say that our evening at the Royal Kitchen left the bitter, bitter aftertaste of disappointment.

We've been watching this restaurant for the past few weeks and we were not surprised that we were the only diners. The menu is expensive [all starters R30, stewed duck pot R168, crispy duck R180, pork dishes R48-R58, beef dishes R58-68] and not as extensive as Yindee's or Saigon [our Kloof Street bench marks]. The service was very friendly. Dinner for two with shared starters, one main each, no dessert and without wine came to R285 which we did not consider value for money. The interior is tastefully done and the music unobtrusive 80's and early 90's pop/gospel.

The Royal Kitchen needs some hot specials to survive the winter season in Cape Town.

Anonymous said...

any news on the new bicycle some thing or other on kloof?

Jan-Stefan said...

In Sweden until further notice :-(
And missing Kloof street so much - let me know if you discover something!