18 May 2008

The one with a little tart

What to do? Origin only opens at 09:00 and we needed breakfast pronto. We discovered La Petite Tarte in De Waterkant whilst hunting croissants for Jorge's breakfast last weekend. Not only were they open, but we had one of the best breakfast in a long time. After ordering croissants for breakfast the enigmatic waitress suggested adding scrabbled eggs, and bacon, and avocado.. and some cherry tomatoes. Delicious.

Cape Quarter, 72 Waterkant Street, De Waterkant.
+27 21 425 9077


Tara said...

have you tried the new coffee shop next to Melissa's on kloof?

I love Melissa's breakfast buff but we tried the new store next door to them, and yum!!

They also have a giant rabbit in Reader's Paradise

Jan-Stefan said...

Hey Tara! Thanks for the information. Are you referring to the Buzz Cafe? I haven't been to the one of Kloof Street, but it's our favorite fastfood joint in the Neelsie Student Centre at Stellenbosch University :-)
Great healthy food.
Haven't seen the giant rabbit yet!!! Need to check it out pronto.