18 July 2009

The one with all the closures

The bad news first:
Naked... gone
Seattle Coffee... gone
Rozenhof... GONE!!
Iron Fist... gone?

Some potential good news:
(Braamie and I had burgers there on Monday - good meat and the double-fried fries were unexpected, but they do sell a 'local' beer. When asked for comments, we did mention that the music was way too loud, but the waitress cleverly remarked that it was to drown out the noise from the table with the birthday party (with children). Score?)

(Closed on a Saturday afternoon at 15:30)

The Opal Lounge... Manolo's renamed?
(Will never forget how scary that place was. I felt so intimidated by its sheer trendiness.)

Some really, really good news:
The Java Lounge is serving Origin Coffee :-)


Anonymous said...

i visited the exclusive books children store and loved it

have not been to sumo yet but will be soon

did not see the burger place this time round

i guess i will have to choose now, hudson or sumo

mmm i think I am going to try Sumo as Kauai are turning into a melissa's rip off and need competition. Sumo Sumo Sumo

bottomie said...

iron first had some amazing cloths, im actually going to start crying now.

i guess with all the changes kloof street gets with store closures and openings, it keeps it fresh and happening.

Wellness centre closing before christmas 09


Anonymous said...

Was quite intimidated by that Manolo place...Always wonderd who goes there. My favourite spot on Kloof right now is the Wellness Warehouse. Sorry to hear about all the closures.

Jan-Stefan said...

Thanks for the comment, Shades. After a rocky start, we too are now big fans of the Wellness Warehouse. I wrote some parts of my thesis sitting there :-)
Hope Tara's comment about them closing by December is not true...

PS: has anyone had dinner at the BBC yet?

Unknown said...

I would like to recommend Buzz next to Melissas. The cuppachinos are frigging awesome and if you get there nice and early say between 8 and 9 am then you get breakfast at half price. :)

Anonymous said...

Atlantic Sun community newspaper planning a feature page on Kloof Street businesses- new businesses could introduce themselves and exsisting businesses could let everyone know they are still around

Jan-Stefan said...

Great news! Thanks :-)

Unknown said...

nice photoas

bottomie said...

a is for apple has also closed down.

does that count as a closure on kloof?


Jan-Stefan said...

Unfortunately, I think it does. Sad news indeed...

Anonymous said...

new posts please