09 January 2010

Not quite Kloof Street (Part I)

I love Uppsala. There I said it!

In the mornings I have an inspirational walk past the majestic cathedral, University buildings, castle and botanical gardens to work (all covered in sparkling snow). My one complaint: I cannot seem to adapt to the coffee... Is it me? Probably. Is it possible for me to adapt? Unlikely.

My approach to the problem was two-fold:
1. Find good prepared coffee (i.e. I do not make it myself)
2. Find good beans (i.e. I prepare the coffee myself)

How fortunate that I am at the moment living one block from Ofvandahls, an Uppsala institution. The espresso had adequate crema and with a surprisingly acceptable aftertaste. And at SEK23 for a double espresso, this could be come my new morning coffee :-)

Beans, well, I asked/pleaded with Braamie to bring some from Origin Coffee Roasting in Cape Town (perhaps even Africa's Cup of Gold!). The attendant at the local Böner & Blad recommended I try El Salvador Bourbon Estate. My first pot resulted in mixed feelings - but to be honest I prepared it too weak...

More coffee hunting will follow...


Anonymous said...

you will be missed....i live just off kloof street and have realy enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing your take on things I have experienced in daily life.....wish you would come back!

Jan-Stefan said...

Thank you so much for the kind comment. I miss Kloof Street so much... was hoping people could contribute using the Facebook group ;-)