18 August 2007

The one about (being) Naked on Kloof

The importance of (being) Naked on Kloof lies in the fact that it has been serving wraps to Cape Townians for 10 years now. According to the owner it introduced wraps (as a 'fast food' concept) to South Africa. Why does Naked survive, when other restaurants and caf├ęs are closing down at an alarming rate?
In my opinion:
1. It has transcended from 'trendy' to being quintessential.
2. It is not expensive: the price rangs is R12 to R37.
3. The owner is on site all the time. I have never seen Naked without its owner.
4. It has a sense of humour. Naked is clothed on Sundays.
If there is one thing that I believe in (except dinosaurs and that one day all music will sound like Mozart), is to support local interprise. Especially, if clothing is optional.

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