27 October 2007

The one about Caramello's

The brothers Ioannides have opened a new coffee shop on Kloof Street. During my last visit to Bloemfontein, André Conradie introduced me to Caramello's - a place where "friends with different cultures from all walks of life could meet and celebrate life with food as the dough that binds them together". And it turned out to be very expensive dough. We selected three cookies (really non-fancy types) from the bakery to enjoy with our coffee. I never imagined that each would cost R17! They were billed as 'gateaux'... perhaps a little exageration? Except for the price of the cookies, the service was excellent and the coffee not too bad. The staff are attentive and friendly. As you can see it scored better than the Wellness Warehouse on the Braamiometer. Caramello's is well worth a visit in Bloemfontein and on Kloof Street.

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