27 October 2007

The one with Hannah's wedding

Long-time best friend Hannah got married last weekend at the Plantation in Port Elizabeth. In true Hannah-style, everything was so tastefully done; including a chocolate wedding cake covered with white chocolate and roses. I sat next to Almarie (from Meel fame) at the 'fun' table. We rocked!


Anonymous said...

Ocean Basket reopens this weekend
good good good

very much missed in Kloof Street over the last few months:(((((

Fun fun fun

Still not happy with Wellness Centre rather still go to Kauai:) even with there bad sevice in Kloof

Jan-Stefan said...

Thanks for the comment, Anonymous, although it does not really refer to this post...

Not been to the Welness Warehouse recently, so I cannot confirm.

Ocean Basket still looks pretty much like a building site, but it will be good to see them open again.

Also noticed a Kauai on Camps Bay.