25 November 2007

The one where things sure change on Kloof Street

Feels like ages since my last post. Things sure have changed here on Kloof Street. The tourist season opened and summer abruptly disappeared for a few days.
The 'Chef Pon's' building (corner of Kloof and Upper Union Streets) is being renovated - another restaurant? Unfortunately our new neighbour's lean-to was destroyed. I spotted them shooting some heroine in Pon's back yard next to their destroyed abode. At least they are not totally devastated.
The tree next to Chef Pon's is missing. It was probably severely damaged by the South Easter or appropriated for fire wood during the sudden cold spell. (Hey! It has happened before.)
Even before the storm, the 'family' coffee shop next to Checkers closed down. It now sells eye apparel. The storm also assisted Jimmy (aka Killer Prawns) to take down their amoeba-like tent. Perhaps their business will pick up now. Which brings me to a question I have been wrestling with for a while: am I blogging or gossiping?

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Anonymous said...

blogging or gossiping

both good reading