03 November 2007

The one where the chickens crossed Brownlow Road

According to Deon, Andrée's father, the chickens crossed the road to end up on his Webber. I am not exactly sure where or how the chickens did this, but there are options; but most likely, the chickens were carried all the way from Woolworths in a plastic bag.
Andrée will turn one next month and has developed a personality all of her own. Although Abraham and I are not her official godparents (and why not, one may ask?), we have some definite plans for Miss van Zyl. My contribution will be to buffer her from her father's scathing remarks about Mozart symphonies (almost bordering on blasphemy) and Abraham would like to teach her some of his special dance moves (which basically includes a lot of finger flicking). Good luck, Andrée!


Susan said...

Hoe jammer tog dat ons die risotto gemis het wat Saterdag al die pad tot in julle woonstel geklim het!

Jan-Stefan said...

Die risotto het dit nie tot bo gemaak nie :-(
Toe bak Braamie muffins terwyl ek inlê.

Jorge (Jay for my friends) said...

Hi Abraham :)

Wow, jullie spreken ook nederlands met een zeer raar accent ;)

I probably can't pronounce it the way you do, but I'm suprised I can actually understand it.

How do you bbq whole chickens like that without it being raw on the inside??

Jan-Stefan said...

Hi Jorge. Thanks for the message. Typical Abraham, takes credit for all my work, but I will tell him that you dropped by.
About the chickens: that's the magic of the Weber. Check out their website www.weber.com