16 March 2008

The one about a fun night out

My only resolution for 2008 was to walk into the new Louis Vuitton store at the V&A Waterfront with a melting chocolate ice cream. As of last Thursday, the deed is done: no more anxiety, no more failure. And yet, I feel strangely empty. Sure, I achieved a goal and, yes, the chocolaty smooth creaminess was dripping all over my hand. Then why I am feeling no afterglow?

Prior to the main event I met up with Jannie at the sushi bar in the Cape Town Fish Market and ordered the standard pre-event meal: a steak sandwich (rare) and a chocolate milkshake. Jannie was on a mission to find a birthday gift for Boerseun. Unfortunately all of my suggestions were ignored. Jannie remains an elusive shopper.

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