30 March 2008

The one where I rediscover my Alexander

1983: started playing the French horn at the Green Hill Music School in Bloemfontein
1989: my mother bought an instrument made by the Alexander Brothers from a horn player in Bloemfontein (Mr Roohde? - I remember his daughter was an excellent violinist)
1989: Horn damaged during Free State Youth Orchestra tour to KZN.
1989: After several local failed attempts to repair the instrument, I took the horn to Mainz to be repaired.
1991: I stopped playing.
1998: Karen Brink bought the horn for one of her students at Durbanville High School in Cape Town
2008/03/28: Found! The Alexander now belongs to Jane. The irony is that we have been playing together in various orchestras for almost two years! She bought the horn from someone in Johannesburg!

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