07 August 2008

The one where I'm back

The reasons why I stopped blogging (for a while):

1. My cellphone was stolen. Without its handy camera I felt like James Bond without the licence to kill, Batman without Bruce Wayne, Calvin without Hobbs, or Frankenfurter without Rocky! My blogs would become sandwiches without substance - I just couldn't bear the bare text.

2. Abraham seriously considered a job in South Korea. We planned to give up The Apartment, put everything in storage until the Ballet School became available and, after my 10 weeks in Uppsala, I would complete my PhD from George with only occasional visits to Kloof Street.

A new Sony Ericsson K850i 5 megapixel cybershot phone arrived yesterday and Abraham is happily employed as research analyst (http://www.newenergyfinance.com/). Uppsala is 7 days away and life is trendy again, Kloof Street trendy.


Adi said...

Wow, long time no see. I just remembered that I should remember to remember to read your blog! Then saw this post. Really glad you are still around!!! :)

Jan-Stefan said...
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Jan-Stefan said...

Hi Addi. Does being in Sweden still count as 'being around"? Back on Kloof Street in November!