11 August 2008

The one with my other office

Wembley Square has free wireless internet. Just be persistent.


Anonymous said...

there are people who just sit and go online at that centre all day.

I normally go to Vida there and you always see people sitting randomly anywhere online.

The gym there is one of the best, perfect time to go is either saturday or sunday afternoon. Nice and quiet and got all the cool equipment.

I heard they opening a Star Bucks in Kloof Street. They say St Elmos is closing down in a few weeks time and its going in there.


Jan-Stefan said...

Yes, the Gardens VA is great. The pool is a bit too exposed, so I still prefer swimming at the Point Gym. Star Bucks?! would be great.
So many places have closed down on Kloof Street recently:
Readers Paradise
New blood is always welcome!

Anonymous said...

yeah i heard about reader's moving out. I heard the lodge got sold and the new owners are going to renovate the area, so the bookstore could not stay. Maybe they bringing Star Bucks? I wonder how the wellness centre is doing? heard they made loads of changes.

Atleast Reader's moving closer to Hout Bay which is good for me.

You must go swim at the VA near the convention centre, they always have open lanes and the pool is awesome, just awesome:)plus they also got Kauai. Never been to sea point VA


bottomie said...

yeah went to wembly today

atleast their kauai there still makes peanut bombs. Most the stores like the kloof street and other branches stop making it:( sad times.

I see Finger is coming to Kloof. They in where the bookstore was.

Have you been to the Woolworths Coffee bar and care in longmarket street? Just outside woolworths house?

a must I tell u

Jan-Stefan said...

Thanks for the info, Tara. Please keep us updated with Kloof Street news. You seem to have your finger on the pulse.
[Leaving for Sweden today and only returning at the end of October. JS]

myphotographer said...

when in kloof...

great blog, will be back,


Jan-Stefan said...

Thanks for the comment. Awesome photos on your site!

Anonymous said...

Aloha, when are we getting some Swedish blogging?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is matchless. Hey man, why it take such a long time until you got "new stories" about Kloof area ???? Can´t wait...

Keep it up!


Jan-Stefan said...

So, what's up?
The Kloof Street Blogger will return in November 2008. It doesn't make sense blogging about my beloved hunts when I am in Sweden.

That said, please let me know about any interesting developments :-)