26 October 2008

The one with I am back on Kloof Street

As we passed the Mount Nelson Hotel on Orange Street, my pulse started to race and I battled to control the excitment of returning to Kloof Street after an absence of 71 days, 2 hours and a few odd seconds. Home is where the heart is... But what is this? Naked looks closed, and (horror of all horrors) someone is building a facebrick house. [Fade out. End scene]

Keen to get back into 'The Routine', Braamie and I rushed to Origin on Saturday morning. Sleeping late can result in loosing out on the salmon bagels! There was a new reason to visit Origin: tea. My new tea requires equal volumes of Darjeeling Puttabong and Keemun Luxus Congou, and just a pinch of Lapsan Souchong. Infuse for 6 minutes and taste heaven. Luckily, Origin Tea Merchants provided ample volumes of all three. 

It is good to be back. So, what is new with you?


Anonymous said...

hey man

welcome back

Kloof street missed you and your business:)

Have you visited Finger yet? Did you check what other business opened up next to that new Asian resturant on Kloof? Did it last the winter?

I went to the new Reader's Paradise on Kloof - www.readerswarehouse.co.za and I heard the guy who owned the Greens on Kloof passed away:(

Also news going around Wellness not doing well, beware if not supported could be gone soon.


Jan-Stefan said...

Hej, Karl. Thanks for the update! I leave you guys for a few weeks and chaos erupts. But wait, where is the Reader's Paradise on Kloof? According to the website it is located in Tokai (which might as well be in a parallel universe).

Looks like the global economic freeze will have an effect on Kloof Street as well. Although, I doubt if even World War III would change anything at Topolino Café...


Anonymous said...

never been to Topolino Café...

im a seattle man - can't go wrong with them, even if funny coffee stuff inside my grande latte with wings:)

yeah reader's p is now in Tokai - a new Universe yes, but if you can travel to Sea Point on your adventures, I am sure Tokai is just around a few corners to?

Go Barak