21 March 2009

The one where Africa Nova impresses

Abraham's ex-SASOL-colleague and friend, Lolan, has been living with us for a few days. He took us to Andiamo's, in the Cape Quarter, for dinner last night (I ordered the ossobuco and Abe wanted the lobster but had to settle for a pizza). On our way out, I was mesmirezed by the window displays of one of the stores, Africa Nova. The colours are, well, just magic. 


Gary Payn said...

Hi there, I am desperate to find this shop in Kloof Street where I bought a vintage reworked Leather Jacket from. I was wondering if you could possibly PLEASE help me? It was passed Vida on the left if you walking down the road. It is a fashion/hipster type store and had brown and black leather jackets in it for girls and guys.



Gary Payn

Pemberley said...

time for a new post :)

Jan-Stefan said...

I agree! Cannot wait to get back to Kloof Street. ETA: 1 July 2009 :-)

Anonymous said...


Finally someone to compete against Kauai


go take a look at the place that has taken over seatle coffee company on kloof

i think im in love with a smoothie

Trish said...

Hello, do you know any Ironfist shop on Kloof street please?If you have seen or pass in the street often please let me know .. i am looking forward to shopping there when i come to CT.