21 March 2009

The one where Wall Street hit Kloof Street

Has Wall Street hit Kloof Street? 
The Abraham (that ersatz economic gift to mankind/lover of mine) says that this has always been a tough street for businesses, and especially restaurants. 
The most noticeable changes are the closures of street cafés Naked (for some months now), Seattle Coffee and Limnos.  Caramellos has also scaled down on their floor space. 
Exciting news, however,  is that Exclusive Books are opening a childrens book store next door to their exisiting shop in the Lifestyles Centre on Kloof Street. Which makes sense, given that a primary school is right next door...
As mentioned earlier, the recycling facilities have relocated to Jan van Riebeeck Primêre Skool and are not open on Sundays, which is a nuisance (but it did result in me winning a HUGE argument with The Abraham).


Tara said...

I know its terrible. I miss Seattle Coffee sooo much. Plus I hear they not doing well all over the place. People go out and find a Seattle Coffee and have some today!

I know Vida are taking over the seattle store, so alteast its going to a good home

I hope these stores will not stay empty:(. Whats closing next? Melissa's or Wellness Centre?

On another note, I read a review of the new place Reader's Paradise moved to and it sounds like they are doing well in there new home


Kloof street still misses them

Awesome to hear about exclusive books branching out. A children store in the centre would be great, as I hear A is for Apple is closing up shop


Jan-Stefan said...

Hej! Would you be interested in taking over the blog (seriously) - I am traveling to much and my time is just too limited...

Seriously - we need to keep Kloof Street on the map!