07 January 2007

The one where Victoria is KING

After almost two weeks of extreme UV exposure at Vic Bay, I am happy to report that I am now definitely a darker shade of white. The spray-on SF30 anti-tanning lotion, kindly sponsored by Abraham, not only prevented sunburn, but now I cannot show off my ‘two weeks at the beach” attitude at work. In typical Georgian style we arrived at the beach so early that we had to swim a few hours before the beach cafĂ© would open for breakfast. Locals go to the beach early to prevent Gautengers from getting good parking. During the first few days we thoroughly enjoyed fat/calorie-rich Vic Bay breakfasts, then switched to pizza/hamburgers, and at the end of the holiday started to eat the Vic Bay Slimmer. This infamous sandwich contained mostly lettuce and green cocktail onions. After brekkie Ab returned for more body surfing and I read an Eddings novel. “The Elder Gods” (how desperate was I?) until our lunch time snooze at home. We then returned in the late afternoon for more swimming/body boarding until the sun drowned in the ocean.

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