19 January 2007

The one about Blooms Pharmacy on Kloof Street

Blooms Pharmacy is located next to Checkers on Kloof Street. Like Checkers, it is ridiculously expensive - but it is convenient so I should actually not complain. Last week, as I was bankrupting myself to buy drugs to sooth my sore throat, a man walked in with a sunflower. He was so proud and his postive energy was probably more healing than any of the drugs for sale.


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νικος κανακας said...


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Lindy Taverner said...

What time does the Kloof street pharmacy close tonight?

Jan-Stefan said...

Hej! I left Cape Town 2 years ago... but as far as I remember it closed at 19.00. Perhaps you should phone them. Good luck (and greetings from a very snowy Sweden!)