29 January 2007

The one about Evita for president

Tamara (social organiser extraordinaire), Kerstin, Hennie and I supported Evita Bezuidenhout in her bid for the presidency of South Africa at Spier Winestate. This ersatz grand damme of the nation claims that it was her bid for the presidency that convinced Hillary Rodham Clinton to join the US presidential race. You go, girlfriends.

Prior to the political action we lounged about at Moyo and consumed GT's like the ex-colonialists we all still are at heart. Kerstin is unfortunately returning to Deutschland, and although I have not known her long (we've met twice), I will miss her. She learnt to speak Afrikaans and Xhosa during her 5 year stay in Cape Town, which is more than most Cape Townians can claim.

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