13 February 2007

The one about Phalaborwa Airport

Flying to Limpopo is better than driving to Limpopo - especially from Cape Town. After crash landing in a north-west-southernly direction, it was time for me grab that little white bag in the seat pocket in front of me. The aiport is fascinating: (1) there is no front door (2) there are no arrival or departure lounges (3) there are no X-ray scanning equipment - this means that your hand luggage is unpacked and that your are frisked (4) there is a pond surrounded by metal animals (a giraffe drinking, a leopard leaping, and two baboons) (5) the bathrooms are FUN. The taps are rocks and the water spurts from the concrete slab decorated with big glass marbles. Although all airports in South Africa have been declared smoke-free buildings, patrons at the departure area/coffee shop are welcome to puff away. Perhaps smoking decreases nausea - I will let you know...

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