24 September 2007

The one with a list of Kloof Street restaurants (1)

Braamie and I celebrate Heritage Day by walking down Kloof Street. This is a list of the restaurants on Kloof Street below Eaton Road.
1. Delpasco (Café)
2. Tong Lok (Chinese)
3. Rozenhof (Cuisine)
4. Vida e cafe (Café)
5. Seatlle Coffee (Café)
6. Naked (Wraps)
7. Deli55 (Café/Deli)
8. Kauai (Health food)
9. Wellness Cafe (Health food)
10. Limnos Bakery (Café/Bakery)
11. St Elmos (Pizzeria)
12. Ocean Basket (Seafood)
13. Arnolds (Meat - game)
14. Mount Nelson Hotel (Cuisine)

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