03 September 2007

The one where the baby doesn't cry (almost)

Blogging is great. Really. But when you meet up with 'long-time-no-see' friends can reply to every tale with 'oh yes, its on your blog', my life feels like just another "the one about...' episode. Séla.
Annamarié en André recently produced Kara, the most delightful little girl, who really enjoys it when I whistle tunes from Mozart's horn concertos (nothing you can't hum there). We lunched at Meel in Westdene (across the street from The Mystic Boer). The company was excellent, the wine great and the food good (except for the kiwi cheese cake - André's verdict: too much butter, not baked long enough). Meel might just be Bloemfontein's answer to Melissas.

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