25 November 2006

The one about the the black and white kitten

Coming home from Jennifer's 30th birthday function, a black and white kitten was waiting outside my front door. It insisted on visiting me and exploring my apartment. At the moment it is watching me type and spreading is claws on the keyboard. Perhaps it will stay for a while.

Remember when Phoebe though the cat that jumped into her guitar case was the reincarnation of her mother, Lilly?


Abraham said...

That cat is so cool!

Adi said...

I found your blog (at last)! Cute kitty - is he/she still around?

Jan-Stefan said...

Thanks Adi and Braamie. The cat slept on my bed and then, after a brief miaoo-miaoo, jumped off the bed and ran out the front door. I really miss having him around.