11 June 2007

The one about the letter I didn’t send

Dear SJ

A quick note to thank you for:
1. giving me the time to visit the Horticultural Garden in Gothenburg where I saw this delightful rose [Jake the Obscure]. Next time I will expect all trains to leave 95.23 minutes late.
2. heating the cabin to allow me to continue to enjoy the hot summer’s day inside and outside the train.
3. teaching me humility. After confirming with two ticket collectors that Tåg 442 would actually stop in Uppsala, I faithfully remained onboard during the promised “quick stop over in Stockholm” on the way to Sundvall. Luckily one of your cleaners shoutred at me that this train was going nowhere.
4. the gift of SEK 70 to spend at the lovely restaurants in Stockholm C. Just how blessed did I feel that both Burger King, Pizza Hut and McDonalds were still open to provide the freshest of Swedish cuisine.

Now your unconditional Number 1 fan,

[and to quote Chandler Bing: “and… send!”]

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