30 June 2007

The one about the Quadriga Bassoon Ensemble

The answer to the joke "How do you get four saxophones to play in tune?" is to shoot three of them. Five bassoons playing "Pictures at an Exhibition" is however no joke. We have been listening to the latest release of the Quadriga Bassoon Ensemble featuring Dag Jensen. During my visit to Berlin, this was one of the CDs that my friend Douglas, a member of Quadriga, gave me to settle his debt. He would not believe me that Felix Mendelssohn had a sister, called Fanny, who was also a composer. The bet was that if the CD store stocked any CD featuring Fanny's music, Douglas would give me his whole CD collection. The look on his face was pricless when the shop (female)attendent inform him proudly that there was a whole section of Fanny Mendelssohn CDs. Fortunately for Douglas, I could not take all his CDs due to baggage weight limitation on Air Berlin.

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