02 June 2007

The one with Berliner action figures

After an absence of 12 years, I returned to Berlin to visit super bassoonist, Dougie Bull (co-principal of the Deutsches Orchester, Berlin). Picture this: I left Sweden on a nice summersday (12ºC with just a light drizzle) dressed in layers including fleece and snow jacket. Exiting Tegel Airport, I experienced what could only be the worlds first human evaporation and started to melt faster than I could undress. I met Dougie at the Philharmonie (I am going to mention this building numerous times in future posts) and had almost 2L of beer before you could count ein...zwei...drei. Then I drank about 5L of various non-alcoholic beverages until bed time. And yet, I had no urinary output for 2 days! I can hear you sigh... "Anyway".

The Berlin Educational System (BES) produces approximately 23.547 geniuses per week. To support their intellectual kinder, Berliner toy stores have to stock superior action figures. These two are my favorites.

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