13 June 2007

The one with 11 days to go

It is quiet here in the PK lab at the BMC. I am all alone. My models are running at the speed of light because I am the only user of the PK/PD cluster.

Here I present the visual predictive checks (VPC) for zidovudine (AZT) and nevirapine (NVP) created using the PSN platform. "Dear diary" moments.


Ab said...

How about giving us, the less informed readers, an acronym description list?

Jan-Stefan said...

Just look at the pretty pictures and go "Wow. These look really great!".

The prediction intervals are the confidence intervals for the simulated dependent variables (DV), based on the model. Here is used a three compartment model with transit absorption compartments and intra-individual variability on the number of transit compartments, the mean residence time and the central volume of distribution. The error model included a breakpoint between the magnitude of the weighted residuals for absorption and disposition phases.
Well, you asked! Did it help?

Ab said...

well, thank you, all of a sudden everything makes sense! :-))