08 March 2007

The one about a breakfast on Bree

Tamara invited me to breakfast at her secret place. We arranged to meet at 07:03, but I was late and only arrived at 07:07 due to a facial scrub emergency [out with Nivea; in with the Body Shop]. "A slice of Bree" is a sandwich heaven just of Buiten Singel (that very San Franciscoesque street connecting Oranje and Buitengracht streets). There are four items on the breakfast menu: a croissant, a full house croissant, a croissant with scramble egg and a croissant with scrambled eggs and bacon. We discussed life (mine) and TK's dinner with Tom and Jerry. Tonight might be a dear diary moment for TK - so let's all hold thumbs.


Enrico Tronchin said...

Was the croisant filled with bree? Don't forget the details please. And was the fig preserve in sight? Nice to know of a new place to go to.

Jan-Stefan said...

Hi Enrico. Nice surprise, dude!
The full house croissant had bacon (crispy), tomato and cheddar cheese. There was no brie on Bree this morning.
Coming down Buiten Singel (from Buitengracht Street) Slice of Bree is located anec the second street to the right. Enjoy!