11 March 2007

The one about changes on Kloof Street

In the past few weeks I have noticed the following changes on Kloof Street:

1. Maestro's are closed. I noticed this a few weeks ago. Alex Fokkens introduced me to their baked cheese cake way back in 1994.
2. The early bird breakfast at Arnold's is now R8.
3. The Kodak shop at the entrance of the Kloof Centre is closing down.
4. The Woolworths food store is being enlarged - a positive change.

5. The Grill is advertising a new menu - but still looks pretty empty to me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just visited Maestro's last night, in Milnerton (Woodbridge Island lighthouse turn-off). The cheesecake is to die for. :( Therefore, condolences for your loss.