09 March 2007

The one about Frank Lloyd et al

South Africa hosted the 2006 International Horn Society Symposium in Cape Town. Although this was almost 9 months ago I finally managed to track down the recordings of the concerts. Windworx played an arrangement of the Schumann Konzertstuck for four horns with some of the world's greatest horn players. The soloists were Frank Lloyd, Bruno Schneider, Jeff Snedeker and Geoffrey Winter. All the concerts were recorded and in my opinion Geoffrey Winter's performance of the Concerto for Horn, Winds and Percussion by Machala (with Windworx) is the best recording.

Frank Lloyd's interpretation of Interstellar Call (Messiaen) was an exhibition of French Horn gymnastics that left the audiance stunned and begging for more. On the CDs there are a number of other recordings of Frank Lloyd's performances: Horn concerto by Förster, Double horn concerto by Haydn (with Bruno Schneider) [with a slow movement in E-flat minor which was absolute hell for the orchestra], Espana for solo horn (Buyabovsky), three pieces from the Little Suite by Borodin and Naturel for solo horn (Pousseur). I stopped playing horn in 1991 and switched to bass (basically because it suited my temperament better and caused less physical pain) but after hearing Prof Lloyd playing I must admit that I longed to blow a note or two.

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