22 March 2007

The one with 7 days to go

Pfizer sponsored my TO DO LIST. It's a Viagra Feel Alive plastic writing board. Here in the Pharmacology Division, all items sponsored by pharmaceutical companies are frowned upon - even those really nice pens (often referred to as "reptile" pens). Anyway... There is one less thing to do (MCC submission: done... check!) but then I added the NONMEM literature to the list. Also, I now have an International Student Identification Card and collected my airplane tickets. Its so rare to actually have a printed ticket now that you can fly with a eticket or just a credit card and ID. Today I also realised that I am dressing to casually and will dig up my white coat and start to walk really fast down the corridors with my white coat flapping and my stethoscope swinging around my neck. Oh, the joys of being a doctor!

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